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Steve Adelman knows the entertainment and venue management business.

Through his work with stadiums, arenas, concert venues, hotels and convention centers and his many articles and presentations, Steve Adelman is an internationally recognized authority on venue safety and security.

Sports and Entertainment Law

While some sports and entertainment law practices focus on artist representation or intellectual property rights, Adelman Law Group concentrates on the legal issues that arise from the live entertainment event itself.

In promoting venue safety, we work with venue managers, security directors, event promoters and outside vendors on the operational issues most lawyers never see. At the Adelman Law Group, we:

  • make sure that contracts align authority with responsibility;

  • help with risk management by ensuring compliance with industry best practices;

  • litigate from a position of thorough industry knowledge; and

  • provide expert standard of care testimony for cases that are already in suit.

Civil Litigation

Steve Adelman is engaged by insurers and self-insured businesses in a variety of civil disputes. He litigates catastrophic personal injury cases and property damage claims, often arising in the context of premises liability or construction-related matters.

Business Consultation, Litigation

Steve Adelman represents his clients’ business interests by proactively engaging in risk management and seeking to resolve business conflicts in a cost-effective manner without being extorted to resolve legitimate disputes.


Steve Adelman and Bud Selig at the 2013 ASU Sports and Entertainment Conference

Co-presenters Steve Adelman and former MLB Commissioner Bud Selig at the ASU Sports & Entertainment Conference.


Event Safety

Steve Adelman is the vice president of the Event Safety Alliance, a group committed to advancing the cause of safety within the event industry.



Court Victory

In McMurtry v. Weatherford Hotel, Steve Adelman wins key advances in Arizona law re:  spoliation of evidence, expert qualifications, and questions of fact in premises liability and dram shop liability.


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