There has been a lot of news coverage regarding changes in event safety practices since the Astroworld Festival one year ago. The media tends to find the usual suspects, either because we’re knowledgeable, good with a sound bite, or just that we respond quickly when the press calls.

I am pleased to be one of the go-to guys. I admit that it’s fun to see my name in print, and my parents enjoy showing their friends. Also, I think it’s important to recognize progress while acknowledging that there remains plenty of room for improvement. These are not either/or propositions.

These days, we are often expected to choose a side when – I believe – we do not need to be polarized. Someone quoted with me in this USA Today story about post-Astroworld crowd management subsequently attacked me on social media for being excessively optimistic. I suppose there are worse accusations, and the article itself provides a nice rebuttal. But I don’t understand the hostility, much less the need to label even our erstwhile colleagues as either angels or devils.

The law has taught me to appreciate nuance, that most issues are comprised of far more shades of gray than absolute black or white. I’m good with that. I hope you, gentle reader, continue to stand firm against people who demand that you fully embrace one group or position in order to marginalize everyone or everything else.